What is the Ministry of Helps?

"1 Corinthians 14:40 ... let all things be done properly and in an orderly manner"

The Ministry of Helps sustains, provides and allow the ministry and vision God has given our pastor to proceed in a proper and orderly manner.

= having

= enough

= loving

= people

= serving others

The Ministry of Helps is about serving, helping, following and covering. It is work, but it provides great rewards. It is about serving and assisting so ministry can take place in someone else's life. It is about making an investment in the life and ministry of others.

"Whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant". Matthew 20:26, 27


Directly assists pastor in personally showing his appreciation for department heads and other ministries at New Hope. Also coordinates other special functions; pastor appreciation Sunday, Mothers's and Father's Day, graduations, leadership dinners, etc.


A behind-the-scenes ministry dedicated to insuring that God's house is always immaculately clean and in perfect order for members and guests.

Youth Dance Group

This frontline ministry team welcomes all to service and special events as they enter the church lobby. Also distributes weekly bulletin and assists with directions and information about programs, events, and general information about New Hope.


Serves the pastor directly in providing refreshments for him between services and for his guests at special functions and fellowship. Also provides communication elements for the congregation at first Sunday Communion services and for the pastor in his office suite, when required.

Making Music

We are a mighty force when we come together as one. The men of New Hope grow and serve together in many facets. Feel free to reach out to us if you like to find out more about our men's ministry.

Toddler with Toys
Special Events

Ministry's function is to organize, plan and serve at various, special major church fellowship events throughout the year; harvest fest, kids programs, new year eve, Christmas gala affair, anniversary party, etc.

Church Pews
Visitors Outreach

Mature members directly assisting the pastor and ministries in personally greeting first-time visitors after service to answer any questions they may have and make them feel comfortable, welcome and assure another visit.

women discussion group

Consists of both choral and instrumental group who lead the congregation at all services and special programs in praise and worship. As a frontline ministry, it functions directly under the leadership, guidance and direction of the pastor.


The 24/7 youth ministry is dedicated to teens and providing a place and fellowship where a meaningful relationship with the Lord can be developed and the many challenges facing young people today can be dealt with in a friendly loving environment.


Assists pastor, visiting preachers and elders, in any way directed primarily during prayer and altar calls

Thank You
Children's Ministry

The children's church ministry serves children from 18 months through 5th grade at all weekend services. Through music, drama skits, puppetry, bible object lessons and games, age-appropriate ministry is offered in a safe, secure environment with the objective of leading children to a personal relationship with Jesus and establish them in faith through an understanding of the word of God. There is also participation in song and drama at special functions during the year.

Cleaning Supplies

As a unique arm of the worship ministry, they lead praise and worship through the art of dance and perform for special programs and events.

Image by Kristina Paparo
Hands Extended

Serve as the pastor's hands extended to the congregation for personal prayer, counseling, encouragement and hospital or home visits for the sick. Make prayer available each week at front of the sanctuary after designated services.


Members are technically trained in camera use, audio and visual production of the weekly New Hope cable program, pastor's cd messages, music cds and the video screens used during services. Creative team that prepares announcement, scripture and music lyrics screens for service in sanctuary.

Man Praying

As a special arm of the children's church, the nursery ministers to all the physical and emotional need of infants from 3 weeks to 18 months in a safe secure clean environment allowing parents to participate in worship services and special events without worry for their children's need and security.

Outdoor Family Day

Ushers are called on to assist the pastor in every way possible through their personal services to him and the congregation, greeting, seating, pastor's personal security and safety, congregation security and safety, comfort, keeping order, collecting offerings, prayer line and altar call service and overall general maintenance of sanctuary before, during and after service. Able-bodied men and women may serve.

Image by Aaron Burden

A dedicated ministry just for women, to provide compassionate care, help, and fellowship. Many opportunities are available to learn within our pen Florida District. Our very own Pastor Gloria is our section representative for our women's ministry. Feel free to reach out to us if you like to get connected.

Image by Carolina Jacomin
Young Adults

As we refine our ministries, our need for reaching our youth after they leave high school is expanding. Our young adults seek fellowship and interactive connections while learning to grow independence and build their own families. Interested individuals who would like to serve our young adults ministry are encouraged to reach out to us.

Image by Vince Fleming