About us

Since June of 2014 Pastors Jovany and Gloria Jarvis have been on a journey with the great members of New Hope Assembly to expand the kingdom of God.  Our church has actually been established in the local community of the Northside of Jacksonville for many years prior.  Great leaders and beautiful people have come together to pioneer the work of this ministry. 


Preaching and teaching the word of God with love has been the essential ingredient over all of our existence.  That remains to be our target.  We believe that God sent His Son Jesus so that lives might be radically transformed not just for the better, but also for the best.  If we promote anything at all, it is the truth that Jesus died on the cross so that we all who were lost might be rescued from a life without direction and in darkness into a life that looks forward to the joy of eternity. 

Who We Are:
Jovany & Gloria Jarvis

Lead Pastors

Phillip & Christina Johnson
Andre & Nichola Williams

Minister and Armor-bearers to Pastor

Music/Media Pastors

Janet Kelly

Ministry Liaison Overseeing H.E.L.P.S. Ministry

Roussana Fandino

Children's Ministry

Paula McCredie

Lighthouse Ministry and Food Distribution